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Why are we going?

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Why are we going?

Lake Grove’s partnership with World Vision in Senegal continued for about 20 years, from 1994 until we rounded it off with a celebration in 2013. We continue to support 2 partners in Senegal (Feluine and Malick Fall and Beer Sheba), but these are offshoots of the previous partnership, no longer under the umbrella of World Vision.

No church team has visited Senegal since 2011. There was never any official “closure” with our friends in Kollore Gui or in Thies, and that was part of the motivation for this visit, though at this point, we are no longer making a “farewell tour”. Our visit is for gathering informational updates and for strengthening the loving "ties that bind” us.

And that is because Senegal remains an important symbol in LG’s mission history and current activity. We want to share with the congregation an update on the status of Christian witness in the former Lake Grove Land and in Senegal in general. The current Mission Outreach team is made up of people with strong ties to Senegal. We will visit people and areas who have been key to our partnerships in the past and present, bearing greetings from the church and seeking status updates from everyone we meet, and we will share our findings with the congregation in the near future. At the heart of our visit is mutual encouragement. And we expect to catch glimpses of how God is on the move in areas familiar to us.

Our prayer:

"Jehovah God, You Who created the earth and Who loves the world enough to give Your only Son to save it, please go before us to Senegal, preparing the way that our visit might bear witness to Your loving presence and purposes for that nation, especially the Wolof people for whom we have prayed for so long."

"Grant that we might see evidence of Your Spirit’s work in the areas with which we are familiar, among the people we have come to know and love. Empower us to be instruments of Your peace, channels of Your love, bearers of Your Good News. Please look with favor on our efforts to be givers and receivers of divine encouragement as we interact with the people of Thies, St. Louis, Kollore Gui and Beer Sheba.

Trusting You for traveling mercies and a safe return home, we hope to please and glorify You during every day of this journey, and we ask these things in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen."


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