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Books, coffee and new beginnings

Posted by Rose Corazza on
Yesterday was  an encouraging day of learning about their coffee processing and baking sweet rolls with our friends in La Bendición. We dedicated the 45 books that we brought for them in their new children’s center. The sweet children thanked us with a beautiful song about Nicaragua. After a touching farewell “ceremony” of shared gratitude and prayer, we ended the day with a fun water balloon battle. 
Today, we visited San José and Nueva San José and were encouraged to hear of plans for an additional 200+ Agros families spread among the five Agros villages in the area.
We were impressed by the agricultural production, including recent efforts to change from growing primarily coffee to also growing green peppers, chili peppers, cucumbers and baby corn. This allows them to spread their crops throughout the year, thereby providing a more consistent income for the families. They are learning to comply with strict standards of production in order to do business with Walmart stores in Nicaragua. We visited the new medical clinic in the village and enjoyed activities with the children in San José today as well. 
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