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Beer Sheba, Sénégal.
Posted by Graig Flach on

    Oasis in the desert! Innovation and hope for Sénégal in agriculture, animal husbandry, economic development… and discipleship for Christians and Muslims alike. What an amazing day we had at Beer Sheba with its fabulous founder, Eric Toumieux.   Lake...

The Federation, Sénégal
Posted by Graig Flach on

This was a highly anticipated day for us, “the return to Lake Grove Land.”  So much could be written here, but you will have to wait for our report March 29. For now, we’ll let photos speak for themselves, with only headline-style reportage!    First stop: Badar...

St. Louis, Sénégal
Posted by Graig Flach on

Na nga def? (“How are you?”). Nun lanu jàmm ci Senegal. (“We are fine in Senegal.”)   Today we find ourselves on an island in the middle of the Senegal River, with just a narrow spit of land separating us from the Atlantic Ocean. We are also within sight...

Thies, Senegal
Posted by Graig Flach on

Greetings from the whole team, all of whom continue to thrive, including our facilitator, Leopold Diouf. (below is his family, after morning worship)   Today was a day of worship and travel. We started the day at the John Huffman School, a Christian school that our church supported in its...

Posted by Graig Flach on

Dear Friends of Senegal at Lake Grove,Our days are full and the joy is great. God has used LG’s presence in Senegal over the past 25 years to move many things forward work. We are grateful witnesses of many affirming reports.   SATURDAY was spent with 3 major check-ins; at the...

Arrived Safely
Posted by Graig Flach on

The sound of Muslim prayers awakened me early this morning as we prepare for our first day of service and reconnection in Senegal, nine years after the church’s last visit. We arrived at 9 pm last evening and were welcomed by our old friend Leopold Diouf, who has coordinated our schedule...

Why are we going?
Posted by Graig Flach on

  Why are we going? Lake Grove’s partnership with World Vision in Senegal continued for about 20 years, from 1994 until we rounded it off with a celebration in 2013. We continue to support 2 partners in Senegal (Feluine and Malick Fall and Beer Sheba), but these are offshoots of the...

Back Home; What Next?
Posted by Graig Flach on

We arrived home late Monday evening, safe and sound and on time. Thank you for your prayers of support and your interest in these postings. Our last couple days in Beirut included some sightseeing and ongoing debriefing (our final debrief discussion in Lebanon occurred at our hotel, above; we...

Mark and Alan Hit the Ground Running
Posted by Graig Flach on

Mark and Alan arrived safely last evening, via Chicago and Amman. Today they pitched in as if jet-lag were nonexistent. We are grateful for safe travels and for the full program we experienced today, including a visit for orientation to the World Vision office in the Bekaa Valley. We also...