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Syrian Refugee Background

Posted by Mark McIlraith on

Above is a picture of my time with Rich Stearns, former President of World Vision, U.S.  During our time together, he expressed to Robin, Graig, and me how important it is to work together as we break into new mission territories, exploring more significant ways to partner with Christ who transforms the world one life at a time.  One of the privileges of heading to Lebanon for the purpose of addressing the Syrian Refugee Crisis is to be working alongside some wonderful mission partners and churches there in the Middle East.  

I have also had to learn quite a bit about the situation there.  This brief video is particularly helpful to understand the circumstances that have led to nearly 6 million Syrian refugees fleeing their country (the number has climbed since this video was created).  If you are like me, you'll find this video overview very helpful...


Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as Alan Shiffer and I leave on Monday to meet up with Pastor Graig in Lebanon by Tuesday afternoon.


Pastor Mark


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