Q:  Is Lake Grove open for in-person services?

A:  As of now the building is closed.   While some churches have resumed some on-campus services, few have been able to host adequate experiences for kids and adults. Our Emergency Response team has prayerfully determined that Lake Grove will continue with only online worship services into 2021. 

Q:  When will Lake Grove reopen?

A:  The Emergency Response Team at Lake Grove has been wrestling with this question and praying about it throughout the time of the COVID pandemic. It is not an easy question to answer as many factors are involved, but at present, we will continue with only online worship services into 2021.

We have to consider the safety of the congregants as well as the staff. We will only reopen if it can be done in a safe way that also allows us to accomplish our mission. At this time, no matter the precautions we take, we cannot guarantee a safe environment or create a quality experience for both adults and kids with social distancing and other limitations in place.   We continue to monitor the situation. We will consider opening sooner for activities as local/state regulations allow, and we deem it safe to do so.

Q:  What will church look like when we reopen?

A:  Church will be a little different. It will feel a little different. And it will look different too. We will have to socially distance ourselves and wear masks. Attendance will be limited, separate entrance and exit doors will be in place, and ushers will guide those who’ve registered to attend in-person services to specific seats so that we can ensure everyone’s safety. We probably won’t be able to have:  passing of the peace or offering plates, live music/singing, reciting things like the calls to worship, the Apostle’s Creed, or the Lord’s prayer, in-person communion, fellowship hour or Sunday School/childcare.

We know that it will not be easy to adjust to this way of church life. And we understand that you might not be ready to engage in this way. But when we do go back to in-person services, we will continue our online services so that we can encourage as many people as possible to continue to grow in our faith and trust. 

Q:  How can I stay connected to our church family?

A:  There are still many small groups and opportunities to meet online. To see all the different groups that are available, please visit our Connect page.  Another great way to stay connected is to sign up for our All Church Email, which provides updates and news every Friday.  Send an email to and she will get you signed up!

Q:  Who can I contact for help?

A:  For general inquires, email     For pastoral and congregational care needs email , or leave a message in the Pastors’ Voice Mail Box at 503-210-6062.