Job Seekers

do you need career planning assistance?

We mentor individuals seeking a new career path or a new job.

For those out of work and seeking employment — and those employed but seeking a new career direction — the LGPC Job Seekers Program offers individual mentoring in all aspects of the job search process. We also offer group instruction and support through weekly meetings, with opportunities for job seekers to connect with each other.

With a diversity of mentoring skills and experiences, we will personally assist you in a non-denominational manner at no-charge, with confidentiality and understanding in a listening, positive and reinforcing environment.

We mentor individuals throughout the week while as a group we meet every Monday morning from 8:30 to 10:30AM at the church in the Hub Room on the second floor.

For further information please contact:

Larry Bowman (503.636.1757 /

Tim Thomas (503.675.0727 / )