365: God's Story, Our Story

Are you ready for the adventure of reading through the Bible in 365 stories in 2020?  

Join us...all ages participating together...in a daily Bible reading program. 

Track your progress on a monthly Bible reading card available now.   Click HERE for September.

Read and reflect on a daily passage in your personal Bible or The Bible in 365 Stories.

Daily Readings & Questions: 

September 26: ‘He’s Mad!’ / Mark 3:20-30
What do the Pharisees accuse Jesus of and how does he answer them?

September 27: Sowing Seed / Mark 4:1-20
At this point in your life, which soil do you identify with the most?

September 28: Making Bread / Matthew 13:33
What does the parable of the yeast suggest about the way the kingdom grows?

September 29: Finding Treasure / Matthew 13:44-45
What do the parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl teach us about the value of the kingdom?

September 30: The Big Dinner Party / Luke 14:15-24
Jesus tells this story after someone says, “Blessed is anyone who will eat bread in the kingdom of God!”  What point is Jesus is trying to make?

October 1: The Storm on the Lake / Mark 4:35-41
Why are the disciples still "terrified" even after Jesus calms the storm?

October 2: Madman Among the Tombs / Mark 5:1-20
Why is this man told to “go and tell” rather than to remain silent?

October 3: Two Very Important People / Mark 5:21-34
Why was it important to Jesus to know who touched him?