365: God's Story, Our Story

Are you ready for the adventure of reading through the Bible in 365 stories in 2020?  

Join us...all ages participating together...in a daily Bible reading program. 

Track your progress on a monthly Bible reading card available now.  
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Read and reflect on a daily passage in your personal Bible or The Bible in 365 Stories.

Daily Readings & Questions: 


April 5: ‘Say Shibboleth’ / Judges 12
Compare Judges 12:1-3 and 8:1-3. How and why do Jephthah and Gideon differ in their responses?

April 6: A Special Baby / Judges 13
Why do you think the Nazirite vow was something God mandated for Samson?

April 7: A Wedding is Arranged / Judges 14:1-9
Even though Samson was making poor decisions God was still using him.  How has God used some of your mistakes and poor choices for His greater purpose? 

April 8: Answer My Riddle / Judges 14:10-20
In what ways is Samson representative of all of Israel’s relationship to God?

April 9: Samson and Delilah / Judges 16:1-14
What clues suggest Samson’s spiritual condition in the first few verses of Judges 16?

April 10: Defeat of the Champion / Judges 16:15-22
How was Samson’s superior strength both an asset and a downfall?

April 11: Strong in Death / Judges 16:23-31
How did Samson change after his capture?