365: God's Story, Our Story

Are you ready for the adventure of reading through the Bible in 365 stories in 2020?  

Join us...all ages participating together...in a daily Bible reading program. 

Track your progress on a monthly Bible reading card are available now. Click HERE for January, and HERE for February.

Read and reflect on a daily passage in your personal Bible or The Bible in 365 Stories.

Daily Readings & Questions:


January 25: Jacob’s Trick / Genesis 27
What disturbs you the most about this story? How do you feel about Jacob getting the “blessing” of Isaac and all the promises of the covenant of God by dishonest means?

January 26: Esau’s Return / Genesis 27
What does this story say about the mystery of God’s ways of fulfilling His purposes?

January 27: Jacob’s Dream / Genesis 28
How did the dream where Jacob saw angels ascending and descending a ladder from heaven to earth (Genesis 28:12-15) give Jacob assurance that God was watching over him?

January 28: The Trickster Tricked / Genesis 28-29
What similarities/differences do you see in Jacob’s deception of Isaac (Genesis 27:5-29) and Laban’s deception of Jacob (Genesis 29:22-30)?

January 29: The Strange Wrestling Match / Genesis 32
What changed in Jacob’s life because of this wrestling match with God?

January 30: Jacob Meets Esau Again / Genesis 32-33
Which brother seemed to have the more genuine heart of reconciliation – Jacob or Esau?

January 31: Trouble at Home / Genesis 37
What are the family dynamics in this story that contribute to the behavior of Joseph’s brothers toward him?

February 1: Dreams! / Genesis 37
Why do you suppose God choose to reveal to Joseph at an early (and immature) age what he would someday become?